Every so often, a moment pops out of the story, grabs you, and doesn't let go. A Perfect Ten is our love letter to moments in Solid 8 that we can't wait to tackle. Today, director Bianca Puorto gets into the perils of a room full of creative individuals.

When I first read "Needs A Title," the eighth episode in the series, I found myself laughing out loud before I even finished the first page. Not only because of the smart and witty dialogue, but because of how many times I have found myself in the exact same position as Nicki, Dylan, and Justin. Loosely put, the episode revolves around the gang organizing the first read of a play that Dylan has written. Lots of personalities have been invited into the room and Dylan must watch as the actors put their own personal spins on each of his characters.

The first time you meet with a group of people can be anxiety-inducing in any capacity, but somehow with a bunch of creatives it becomes extra special. You’re dealing with each person’s reason for being there and what they are looking to get out of the experience, whether it be validation, understanding, or just the pizza that was promised in exchange for showing up.

As I continued my read, very clear images began to build in my mind. I knew how these people were moving around the room. I had seen them before. I found myself noticing qualities these characters shared with people I had encountered in my own professional life. That’s not to say that they aren’t individuals or that they had been type cast in any way, but pursuing a career in the arts does present certain occupational hazards. Seeing these personalities captured this accurately in such a heightened setting was what drew me into the entire Solid 8 series.Throughout the first season Nicki really puts herself out there, pursuing her dream of being an actress. It’s a very vulnerable position to be in, presenting yourself to a panel and waiting for their verdict, which is more often than not a negative response. The fear of being judged is a very human problem.

The most challenging and exciting part of this episode is the human element. Dylan’s struggle is very real one. He has created something and now he is putting it out there for the world to see and it’s scary. No matter how hard you plan, you can never account for how people are going to interpret and react to your work.

Finding the balance between the reality these characters’ situations and the hilarity of their circumstance is what I am most looking forward to as I embark on this project, and I am so excited to get started.