Every so often, a moment pops out of the story, grabs you, and doesn't let go. A Perfect Ten is our love letter to moments in Solid 8 that we can't wait to tackle. Today, director Chelsea Lockie addresses the awkwardness of stumbling into your profession.

​What really excites me about Solid 8 are the close relationships, and the hysterical tension they breed. Whether one pursues a career in the arts or not, the comedic turmoil the characters find themselves in is relatable to anyone who has desperately wanted to succeed. As for me, I’d say it’s even a step beyond relatable in the episode I have chosen for my Perfect 10, “Dylan and Ben Play a Board Game.”

To summarize: Gretchen and Ben come to visit Nicki and Dylan in NYC. What is supposed to be a good time with college friends, becomes a sobering realization of how relationships change.

I know first-hand that being in college is like this warm cocoon. None of us have the obligation for success yet, because we get to call our occupation “student” for an extended period of time. The transition out of the cocoon and into an occupation is, well, awkward.

What struck a personal chord with me was the need Nicki feels to be perceived as successful. As college dreams are supposed to be coming to fruition, we go to extraneous lengths to build the veneer of our “best” selves. We use the facade of cell phones or social media to tell our friends how awesome we are doing, and how active and outdoorsy we are, and what a healthy and balanced lifestyle we are leading. This constructed “self” may ultimately damage some of our most intimate relationships, and with enough time they may never be quite the same.

What I find simultaneously exciting and terrifying about this episode is how the fear of failure makes artists (and rational human beings) feel their most vulnerable, particularly to those who know us best. I am excited for the opportunity to enhance this very real struggle through the heightened and hilarious universe that is Solid 8.