Every so often, a moment pops out of the story, grabs you, and doesn't let go. A Perfect Ten is our love letter to moments in Solid 8 that we can't wait to tackle. Today, Executive Producer Emily Marquet talks about the magic that occurs when creative forces convene.

Hello Solid 8 Family! My name is Emily Marquet and I’m the producer. First, I need to thank Magan and Taylor for including me in the family. We were introduced through a mutual friend and they have been nothing but supportive and inclusive. Their excitement to bring me onto the Solid 8 Family was nothing short of the jolt of artistic rejuvenation I’ve been searching for.  It’s the kind of artistic partnership you dream about. 

I am probably the most excited about Episode 2: "Background Pretty." It is both a huge story and extremely intimate, it is excruciating and hilarious, it is barbed, but also relatable in a sort of “we’ve-all-been-there” way. You’re both cheering for Nicki and annoyed with her. Magan and Taylor write that line with Nicki so well, so so thinly that you don’t even realize when you’ve crossed it.  As a viewer, you will be both shrieking with delight and a kind of horror that is exhilarating and also personal. 

I think its going to be a blast to film – it involves a huge cast, mostly made up of friends and loved ones.  We get to gather all together for a long and intensive shoot. Most of the actors involved have agreed to do this project for no pay and simply as a labor of love. I think that will shine through on "Background Pretty" and is a testament to the strength of Magan and Taylor’s writing. 

All in all, I feel like Solid 8 has become a passion project that involves all of the people I love. I can’t wait to shoot Background Pretty in particular because I feel like it will be gathering all of those people into one room and focusing on creative storytelling and artistry.  As I said before, these are the kinds of projects you dream about working on.